Introduction: Geprek Eggs & Chili Sauce

hello, if you like to eat eggs but are bored with the usual, I have a suggestion for you to make tasty geprek eggs and be guaranteed you will like it. Well, here are the materials and manufacturing steps.


- Eggs - Pan
- Leek - plate
- Chili - spoon
- Shallot
- Pepper
- Salt & sugar
- Seasoned flour
- Oil

Step 1: How to Make

First, take four eggs then break in a bowl, then stir until evenly distributed

Step 2: Mix Leeks and Salt

Second, cut the leeks then mix into the eggs and pour a little salt.

Step 3: Frying Process

Third, heat the oil and then cook the eggs carefully so that the eggs don't break easily, then wait for the eggs to cook

Step 4: Place the Eggs on a Plate

Fourth, if the eggs are cooked, then remove from heat and place on a plate

Step 5: Make Flour Dry and Wet

Fourth, pour the flour in two containers, then pour a little water into one of the containers and stir the flour until it melts.then add a little pepper in the flour without adding water.

Step 6: Mix Eggs With Dry Flour and Wet Flour

then dip the eggs into wet flour then coat with dry flour until evenly distributed.

Step 7: The Second Frying Process

after that fried eggs that have been mixed with the flour, then turn until cooked then remove from heat and place in a dish

Step 8: Grind the Seasoning and Apply Hot Oil

then we repeat the spices until smooth and then pour hot oil from the rest of the pan into the sauce. then mixed with the cooked eggs.

Step 9: The Result

Enjoy for try yourself.