Introduction: Photo Wall Holder

Today you will learn how to create a low-budget photo wall holder that's very useful when it comes to displaying pictures around your house.

Step 1: Materials

Gather the materials. You will need:





Super Glue


A 17 inch long Wood Dowel

1” Foam Brush

Black Matte Acrylic Paint



Step 2: Creating Triangles Out of Your Clay

To create triangles out of your clay, start with grabbing a handful of clay and rubbing it into a ball. Use your wooden dowel to flatten the clay ball out until it has 1 cm of thickness. Then use the ruler to cut the clay into a triangular shape. Repeat this step three separate times.

Step 3: Creating a Hole and Banking Your Triangle to Speed Up the Drying Process.

After you have created three triangles out of your clay use a straw to create a hole in the center top of your clay triangle. Bake your triangles for 30 minutes at 230F in the oven. Before laying your triangles on a baking tray lay a thin layer of aluminum fold on top to avoid ruining your baking tray with clay residue. After the 30 minutes have passed they should be dry, but still fragile enough to break if too much pressure is used.

Step 4: How to Paint Your Wooden Dowel

Using your brush dab a few drops of your acrylic paint onto your wooden dowel and brush out the paint all over your dowel with the usage of a foam brush. Once painted allow the wooden dowel to dry up to five minutes.

Step 5: Attaching the Yarn to the Wooden Dowel

Cut a piece of a yarn of 12 inches in length. Tie each end of the yarn to each end of the wooden dowel, leaving two to three fingers of space from the tip of the wooden dowel. Once you have double-knotted the yarn to the ends of the dowel by tying a loop twice proceed to use super glue to insure placement of the yarn to avoid any shifting.

Warning: Be careful while using the super glue. It could harm the skin of your fingers if you have direct contact.

Step 6: Securing Clay Triangles and Adding Photos

Once you have attached all the strings of yarn onto the wooden dowel, tie the clay triangles to the tips of the three strings by tying loops with the yarn through the hole in the center of the clay triangles. Once the knots have been tied proceed to securing them with super glue by dabbing a five drops of glue onto of the knots to secure placement. Then proceed to taping pictures onto your finished photo wall holder.

Step 7: Conclusion

Overall, this product was very inexpensive to create. I am satisfied with the finished product it was super easy to create and not time consuming at all.

Do you happen to have any suggestions? Please, leave any constructive feedback for me to view.

Thank You, Tania