Photography: Lighting

Introduction: Photography: Lighting

In order to get that perfect photo, lighting is very important. There are many different ways to use lighting to help make your picture look as professional as possible. Down below I will be sharing a few tips and tricks to getting that professional look.

Step 1: Subject

The first step is to obviously have a subject to shoot. Without the subject you can't shoot anything. It's important to see what background and props can go with the object you're shooting.

Step 2: Equipment

You're for sure going to need a camera. I also recommend using a tripod to get those different angled photos in a perfectly clear shot. Using a florescent light can also help, this lighting equipment gives your photo such a natural outcome. Lastly, the background is just important. Pick something that goes with your subject and the lighting.

Step 3: Angles Correlate With Lighting Too

Depending on what angle you're taking the shot from this can differ the brightness or darkness of the photo. changing the aperture and ISO on your camera can help this as well as finding a clearer background that brings in the light.

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