Introduction: Piano Chair Restoration

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In this tutorial i will show you how i took an old piano chair, repaired it and made it look good as new.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Mine just had 4 screws under it so it was pretty easy to take apart, depends on what kind of chair you have.

1 - Screwdriver (again depends on how it's put together)

2 - Sand paper, mine had a lot of scratches so i had to sand for 3 hours, i used P130

3 - A decent brush

4 - Some lacquer, i used one mahogany coloured to match my piano.

5 - New fabric if needed, mine was pretty thorn up so i choose one in red fake leather.

6 - A decent stapler.

Step 2: Sanding and Changing Fabric

For this part you need to tear of the old fabric and put the new one as best you can over, if the foam underneath is damaged you might have to change that as well.

I folded the fabric as best as i could and then stapled it down as shown.

Sanding is also important, you have to sand down to remove the old lacquer to make the new one stick.

One tip is to sand everything down to the same colour, i attached a picture of mine while sanding

Step 3: Lacquer

Now this is the fun part for me, be sure to be in an ventilated area and wear a mask for protection.

As you put the lacquer on try to go with the grain for a nice finish, wait a day or two and its finished.

Wuhuuuu, let me know if you found this useful or have any other questions for me, and be sure to check me out on instagram: devoidart or facebook: DevoidOfArt.

Thanks for reading :D