Introduction: Piano Clavinova - Change Key Stop

If your keyboard is too noisy (volume at minimum, key pressed and depressed make a loud noise), then you can change the stopper and stopper felt (~50€)

VU342100 and V7640100

  • first refer to the manual!

  • 2 people is mandatory
  • time required 2H45...

Step 1: Opening the Piano

follow the steps in the manual p12

12. Keyboard Assembly
12-1. Remove the top board assembly. (See Procedure 1)

12-2. Remove the key cover assembly. (See Procedure 5)

12-3. Remove the panel assembly. (See Procedure 6)

12-4. Remove either the rack assembly L or R. (See Procedure 8)

12-5. Remove the end block assembly L, R (See Procedure 9)

Step 2: Removing the Keyboard Part

disconnect wires!

12-6. Remove the nine (9) screws marked [42] and the two (2) screws marked [44]. (Fig.9)

12-7. Move the keyboard assembly backward, hold the central area of it, and get it upright to remove. (Fig.10)

* Holding both side ends of the keyboard assembly may twist and damage the frame.

Step 3: Handling the Keyboard Part

Surprisingly, the keyboard part is not rigid: it's required to handle it with the keys vertical

I experimented an "Oh sh*t" moment when a key dropped...

Step 4: Removing the Old Foam

there is another the tricky part: it's really sticky

use an Xacto knife, a screwdriver and be patient

Step 5: Rebuilding the Piano

Remove the dust with a hoover

When reinstall the keyboard assembly, tighten the screws marked [44] and the screws marked [42] in the right order. see manuel p12

Step 6: Conclusion

  • take time to read the manuel instructions
  • I had some scarry moments
  • don't do this alone ;-)

And frankly, my piano wasn't probably too noisy before, because I haven't got any sigificant improvement... Ha ha