Introduction: How to Build a Tensegrity Structure

I wanted to build a tensegrity structure but I cannot find any measurements: here they are...

Step 1: Preparation

you need 6 sticks

  • diameter: 6mm
  • length: 20cm
  • and cut a notch at each ends

In France, look for "tourillon" in any hardware soter, it costs only 0,95€ 1m in 6mm diameter

And you need elastic band.

  • 1mm diameter
  • make 6 loops
  • length: the loop is shorter than the stick (minus 1 ou 2 cm).
    The rubber band should be tight on the stick and not fall.

Step 2: Assembly (4 Hands Are Better Than 2)

yes, 4 hands are better than 2!

Follow the steps (picture from

Or in the pdf (from

Step 3: Ta Daaaaa!

here is your finished tensegrity structure :-)

more inspiration?!