Pic Programmer USB

Introduction: Pic Programmer USB

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Well I'm bringing home pic programmer, inexpensive clone pickit2 and support products microchip pic 18F2550 is used, this controller has an output voltage of 3.3v and 5v for different pic's that use different voltages.

Well this programmer is built because here in my country Mexico, a PicKit2 costs about $ 35 and to create this programmer to spend more than $ 15.

Before continuing, I want to make a clarification: this programmer public has so far worked perfectly with different models Pics I've programmed. Either way I can not guarantee that works well in all cases and not give a full support because there are too many variables in play at the level of software and hardware and would have to spend all my free time alone to this.

Step 1: Materials


• 3 of 10 ohms 1/4 Watt
• 3 of 33 ohms 1/4 Watt
• 1 of 100 ohms 1/4 Watt
• 1 of 820 ohms 1/4 Watt
• 3 of 1K 1/4 Watt
• 1 of 2.7K 1/4 Watt
• 4 of 4.7K 1/4 Watt
• 4 of 10K 1/4 Watt
• 1 of 100K 1/4 Watt


• 2 of 100nF
• 2 of 22pF
• 1 of 22uF 16V
• 1 of 47uF 25V


  • 2 1N5817

  • 1 1N4148
  • 1 LED RED 3mm
  • 1 LED GREEN 3mm

Integrated Circuits:

  • 1 PIC18F2550
  • 1 L4931CZ33/L78L33A
  • 4 BC557A
  • 3 BC547A

Other components:

• 1 inductor of 680uH
• 1 button of 4 pin
• 1 28-pin socket
• 1 crystal 20MHz
• 1 USB type B connector
• One pin strip

Step 2: Circuit Scheamatic

Here we can see the schematic and pcb

Step 3: Circuit Layout

Here we can see the pcb as stay

Step 4: All of the Documantries

Step 5: Pic Programmer

Well I hope you liked them this programmer, greetings.

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    Misael Saenz Flores
    Misael Saenz Flores

    Reply 2 years ago

    All files are in the instructable, I ask you to read it carefully

    5 years ago

    good job mr

    what is the job of the three pin header and how to connect it with microcontroller