Introduction: PicAxe Serial Download Cable (homemade From Scrap)

I decide to make my PicAxe Serial Download  (Programming) Cable as i had all the needed parts.

It is very cheap to buy that cable but if you already have the scrap parts needed..

Step 1: Parts & Tools Needed...

1 x Female Din9 serial connector (DB9)
1 x Audio stereo jack (I take out one of my old pc front panel..)
1 x Audio stereo cable Male to Male

Soldering Iron
Solder Wire
Hot Glue Gun (optional. I use instant Glue)

Step 2: Prepare Components

Open the DB9 and solder small wires to pin2, pin3 & pin5 just like in the photo..

Identify the pins of the jack with a multimeter..

Step 3: Time to Solder Them Toggether & Measure It..

1 photo 1.000.000 words..

Use Continue Tester to check for bad soldering or short out..

Remember: Shaft = Orange(Rxd), Ring = Red(Txd), Tip = Brown(GND)

Step 4: Glue It!!

Step 5: Finished Cable..

Finished Cable ready to program PicAxe Microcontrollers...