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Introduction: Pick Your Present

"Pick Your Present" comes from having too many wine bottles, family and friends, and too many ideas. In an effort to upcycle bottles and to offer choices, "Pick Your Present" emerged. With one cut bottle and one fabric "sleeve," there are least four choices: pen and pencil container, light "decoration," planter, and vase. Let the recipient decide on how to use this gift...

Step 1: Fabric Sleeve Construction...

After cutting a rectangle 6" by 9," sew two shorter ends together. Cut a circle in the fabric 4" in diameter, and sew on the wrong side to the bottom of the sleeve. Turn the top end over about 1 3/4 " and sew down to the inside. Turn inside out.

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle...

Using a bottle cutter [or other methods as described in previous Instructables or on YouTube,] cut the bottle to measure 51/4 inches. Sand the bottle top to insure a smooth surface and no possible rough edges. At this point, the bottle becomes a pen and pencil container.

Step 3: Lights and Possible "action"...

Cut a piece of Yupo Polypropylene or other translucent paper 5" by 8 1/2." This serves to line the glass and hide the battery-operated string lights. These lights can be clear or colored, stable or pulsating, or a combination... Drop the paper in the glass, add lights, and voila!

Step 4: Planter..

If a planter is the choice, simply add decorative rocks, sand or soil, and plant!

Step 5: A Seasonal Vase ...

To create the vase, set the bottle in the sleeve and add seasonal decorations and flowers. Your friends and family can now chose any application they wish!

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