Introduction: Pickup Truck Toy With a Trailer [3D Printed]

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This is a fully custom Design of Pickup Truck with a trailer for my kid. Let me show you how i design and build this.

Step 1: Idea

During the quarantine, we played a lot with my kid. Because I have a lot of free time I decide to make a custom Toy Pickup Truck so we will have fun together building it.

I started the project two weeks ago. The design is completely custom. Changes and fixes will follow after the initial release. I will update the project with the newly edited STL files accordingly.

Step 2: Design

For the design, I used CAD software. Starting with the main components:

  • Chassis
  • Cabin
  • Trunk
  • Trailer chassis
  • Trailer Trunk
  • Tires

The parts are attaching each other easily.

Step 3: Drawing

After the main components were initially sketched, it was time to make spoilers, a trailer hitch, and the attachments along with the fixed measurements.

Step 4: Design - Final Touches

After the components were ready it was time to make the final touches and finish the 3D model of the Truck and the Trailer.

Step 5: Design - Apply Color and Final Look

Applying the initial color.

Step 6: Needed Tools and Materials

In order to build this nice Toy you will need the following:

  • 3D printer with the following print dimensions: 220*220*250mm
  • 3-4 different color filament
  • Downloaded STL/gcode files
  • Color marker/Lac

Nothing else is needed as all of the components are attachable to each other, no screws, no bends, no other materials.

Step 7: Step 2: Printing the Components

Printer settings are important in order to build it right.

Use 15% filland Support for all of the components.

Step 8: Cleanup the Supports

After the parts are printed, remove the supports.

Step 9: Painting

If you wish, some of the parts can be painted. For example, i painted the rims, some of the lights and the trailer trunk screws.

Step 10: Assemble the Components

Carefully snap the tires, if needed use some tools to take off 0.5mm of the material so the tires can run smoothly.

For the Cabin, Trunk, and the Trailer trunk, I simply use tape, but screws can be used also.

Step 11: Play and Have Fun :)

After the Pickup truck is ready, what else left but play and have fun!

I hope you enjoy it.

Step 12: STL Files

Some parts arent finished at 100%. Use the STL files and edit them in order to fix it, if there is an issue printing them.

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