Introduction: Transplanting of Cactus

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Two years ago, my brother present me a cactus for my birthday. I placed it within a iron pot and i was very happy with it two years. But from the very beginning the cactus start to grow children. I tried to pull them out and place them in a jar when they was smaller, around 1cm in diameter, but they didn't survive. So I decide to left them grow within the big Cactus for a year. Also the cactus itself start to rot and the childs needs to be taken so he can become more healthy. Because of my small pot, the childs was faced into the wall of the pot and there was no space for them to grow. Finally i decide to pull out all of the children and place them one by one in separate jars or pots. Let me show you how i did it.


  • A Cactus who needs freedom and
  • Bigger pot
  • Small pots of cups or plastic cups
  • Gloves
  • Soil for flowers

Step 1: Move It to Bigger Pot

Move the cactus to bigger pot, so it would be easy to childs to be pulled out.

Step 2: Pull Out the Children

They need to be pulled carefully, without press. Use gloves.

Step 3: Take a Cups or Smaller Pots

The pots i found in Mr. Bricolage, but i am sure they can be found in any garden's tools stores and also in local stores.

Step 4: Place a Soil

For faster grow, I use soil for Flowers to grow indoor/outdoor.

Step 5: Planting the Children

All of the childrens are free to grow and after a while they will become a present to other people.

Step 6: Planting the Cactus in New Pot

The Cactus can new breathe, have sun in the bottom side, and i hope the cactus will healthy and grow more childs in future.

Step 7: Watering

At the end, they are all watered and placed in cardboard box to save them from the cat.
Thank you :)

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