Introduction: Pictureframe From Clothes Pins

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My friend asked for a 'nice' wooden pictureframe. 'Nice' is a tricky term.. Things that I think are nice might be very kitsch to others. And vice versa.

However, here's a wooden pictureframe that you can make yourself without knowing anything about woodworking because the main ingredients are clothing pins!

I like the shape of the pins and they're cheap and easy to work with. It takes some time to sepperate them but after that it's finished in no time without any tools or woodworking skills! (For me, that's a big plus :)

Step 1: Assembling

It's simple:

Sepperate the two halves of the clothing pins.

Arrange them in a rectangular shape, leaving an opening in the middle.

By adding more pins you can make the frame bigger. You're gonna need a lot of pins for a big frame!

Once sattisfied with the size, measure the outside and the inside and draw this shape on a piece of cardbord. Cut it out but make the inside a little bit bigger and the inside a bit smaller so it doesn't show when the frame is finished.

My picture is 7 cm x 7 cm, so I'm making the inside hole 7,5 cm 7,5 cm. The outside is 22 cm x 22 cm, so the outside of the cardboard is 21cm x 21cm.

Cut another piece of cardbord in this shape and make the inside hole a bit bigger. ( 8cm x 8cm, the outsie size is the same.)

The first one is going to be the top one, glue the pins on this side.

If you want your picture to hang on the wall, put a piece of string in the bottom piece of cardboard with a needle.

I also added two pieces of string that will keep the picture in place.

Doesn't look very professional does it? But then again... it's the backside :)

Once this is done, glue the bottom half on the top half and press it.

That's it!

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