Introduction: Pig Robot

This tutorial will show you how to create a pig robot out of paper. The arrows on the pdf indicate what direction should you fold the parts in. The name of this robot is Peppe the pig. Thousands of years from now, a group of scientists decide to create an alternate universe called LifeVille where nothing can die. The scientists start replicating life on Earth, from animals to trees. One of their greatest inventions is this pig, with arms that can grasp onto things in front of them and cylindrical legs that allow them to roll to places. The purpose of this robot is to act like a dolly, helping transport items.


Colored Printer (to print out the PDF)



Step 1:

Print out the PDF of the pig robot. The PDF is attached below the supplies' section.

Step 2:

Cut out the different parts of the robot by cutting along the lines.

Step 3:

Get the large rectangular prism net and fold it into a rectangular prism. Remember to make sure the face of the pig is facing outwards. This will serve as the pig's body.

Step 4:

Get the four identical shaped rectangles and roll it up, taping the edges to ensure it doesn't unroll. This will serve as the pig's legs.

Step 5:

Attach the pig's legs to the pig's body by taping them together.

Step 6:

Get the two identical shaped rectangles and tape them to the sides of the pig's body. This will serve as the pig's arms.

Step 7:

Get the last single rectangle and fold it on the dotted line. Then tape the folded piece onto the back of the pig's body. This will serve as the pig's tail.

Step 8:

After completing all the steps, you have finally created the pig robot. Congratulations!