Pillow Case Apron




Introduction: Pillow Case Apron

Put a Cupcake on it!
This is an easy project for beginners.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1 Pillow Case (Cotton)
Iron on Fusing (Like Steam-A-Seam)
Matching Scraps
Material for straps - Enough to make a 4inch by 8foot piece.
Matching Thread
Printout of a Cupcake
Apron pattern- I used an apron from a garage sale.

Be creative with your material. The polka dot material is from a girls pair of shorts, the rest come from women's shirts. 

Step 2: Apron Base

1. Iron the pillow case, then top-stitch all the way around. (Since this has a pink edge, I top-stitched along the seam where the stripes meet the pink.)

2. Fold the pillow case in half, then fold the apron pattern in half and place on top of the pillow case.
Cut along the edges leaving 3/4 inch for a seam allowance. As you can see in the picture, I only had to cut along the arm sections.

3. Tuck the ends of the open edges inward. Iron. Fold the edges between under until they match up. Press with your fingers, then iron. Top stitch the folds closed. 

Step 3: Put a Cupcake on It!

Download a cupcake coloring book template and print out. 

Trace onto the fabric scraps.

Follow the directions on your fusable webbing. I like Steam-a-Seam because it has a sticky side and is easy to cut with the fabric. Heat-N-Bond works too, just different directions.

Cut out cupcake parts - this apron has 3. Carefully position them onto the front. If you iron them on crooked, you can't fix it.

Iron sections onto the apron. 

Zig-zag stitch around the edges of the cupcake using a bright thread. It's important to keep the apron flat as you sew. 

Step 4: Finishing

Sew pieces that are 4" wide together until they reach 8 feet long. Be careful to keep the hems on the same side.
Fold in half length wise and iron.
Open back open, and then fold one side toward the middle. Iron again. Repeat for the other raw edge.
Fold ends inward and iron.
Fold in half and iron down the middle again. You should end up with a 1" wide strap.  
Top stitch all the way around the perimeter.

(Lace isn't required, but I added it to the bottom.)

Step 5: Picture Time

Say Cheese!

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