Introduction: Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

Patio season is back! it's time to fire up the grill and do a little entertaining. While your fretting over weather to serve brisket or ribs it's easy to forget about your BBQs signature cocktail. This pineapple jalapeño margarita can be tailored to fit the tastes of spice junkies and those with sensitive pallets alike. Cheers and enjoy!

Step 1: Assemble You Your Ingredients

You will need-
1 part tequila
1/2 part triple sec or Grand Marnier
2 part pineapple
3-5 slices of jalapeño
kosher salt (optional)
A cocktail shaker ( mine is made from a Masson jar and the top of a grated Parmesan container)
A muddler ( you can use the handle end of a kitchen knife sharpener)

Step 2: Muddle the Spice

Firmly muddle (crush) your 3-5 slices of jalapeño inside your cocktail shaker. This releases the oils inside the pepper into the drink when shaken. If you like a 5 alarm cocktail you can substitute the jalapeño for a habanero, and inversely for a mild cocktail you can substitute for a poblano pepper.

Step 3: Combine You Ingredients

Pour your 1 part tequila (1.5oz), 1/2 part triplesec or Grand Mariner (.75oz), 2 parts pineapple juice into your shaker and set aside.

Step 4: Salt (optional)

Salt your glass by pouring kosher salt onto a plate and gently press you glass with a wet rim onto the salt. I wet the glass by rubbing a lime wedge around the rim or with juice using the same technique as with the salt.

Step 5: Ice and Shake

You can now ice your glass and ice your shaker. A longer shake, about 10 sec, will aerate your drink and add a frothy texture.

Step 6: Pour and Enjoy!

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