Pineapple/ Mango Hot Sauce (Sweetness, With a Kick in the Mouth)

Introduction: Pineapple/ Mango Hot Sauce (Sweetness, With a Kick in the Mouth)

I always wanted to find a hot sauce that was sweet at first, but then kicked you in the face with spice and flavor. I found that combining different hot peppers and some sweet fruits was a pretty good combination. After playing around with the mixture between hotness and sweetness, i found that this worked really well. Hopefully, you will enjoy this hot sauce as much as everybody thats tried it. 

Step 1: Go to the Local Store and Buy Stuff.

First, go out and gather everything you will need:
- one pineapple
- big handful of serrano peppers (about half a pound)  
- handful of Chili peppers dried or fresh (the more the hotter)
- two good sized cubano peppers 
- one mango
- garlic powder 
-Black pepper 
- 4 cups apple vinegar 

Other stuff you need: 
- Large pot 
- spoon
- Heat source (fire) 

Step 2: Start Chopping

- Wash everything, you never know who was picking their nose then touching your future hot sauce ingredients.
- Chop the peppers, mango, and pineapple.
- Place all the washed/ chopped ingredients in a large pot. 
- Add the dried chili peppers to you taste.
- Add the 4 cups of vinegar. Add enough to lightly cover the whole mixture.

*While chopping hot peppers don't touch you face.  Just trust me. 

Step 3: Turn Up the Heat !!!

- Turn up the heat on high.
- Once the mixture comes to a boil, turn down the heat to low. ( little bubbles)
- Let the whole mixture boil on low for 30 minutes.  

Step 4: Blend That Stuff.

- Grab a hand blender and blend away.
- Blend until smooth.

* If you want to reduce the mixture, you can boil on low until it reaches your desire.  The more you reduce, the less hot sauce but the stronger the flavor.

Step 5: Bottle Your New Sweet Hot Sauce.

- Grab whatever containers you have. No need to buy containers, just save, wash, and recycle.

*This sauce is ready to slap on whatever you desire. If you place it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks it even tastes better.

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    this new ible format is horrible, it took me about 7or more searchers to refind this recipe, i had been at this site about 10 times at least before. Pineapple mango hot sauce didnt work, nor mango hot-sauce, mango pepper sauce , pineapple mango pepper sauce, all failed. i thought i had Favorited it, i am sure i did, I finally found it under schoomaroos hot sauce contest.

    Back to the recipe, i finally made it had to throw some more of this and that in, i think i actually burnt the tip of my tongue, like you do with too hot pizza slices. I think it was from eating one of the dried thai peppers. it was way too hot when i was done, i added all the peepers i had bought, which included jalapeno, but only a couple dried thai peppers. I used ,habanero peppers also, reading recipes latter, didn't realize you were suppose to throw out the seeds? since the first ingredient on the store bought version was sugar, which was probably why i was addicted to it, i added .agave to it to bring the heat down. It is good, very good. Plus i cooked something that i can really experiment with. I went to a whole foods and picked up straight pineapple and mango juice and added about a cup of that too. It has been sitting for about a week in the fridge and i have about 4 quarts i think.
    I want to thicken it ,but without do anymore simmering down, using xanthan gum, which i happen to have a lot of for some reason. however i have no idea on how you thicken with the xanthan, may ask in the cooking forum. I liked the thicker sauce i originally had, which of course had xantham gum in it.I was looking for a crock pot slow cooker type recipe for a hot sauce like this, or my other favorite , chiptole blackberry which being from the sane company, i am sure sugar is the main ingredient. This way i can cut down the sugar , and control , the amount that goes in, plus i could try honey and maple syrup ig research shows they are doable in this type recipe.
    Thanks for the start into the make your hot sauce world.

    darn, i bought too much peppers and stuff, extra mango , some other types of hot peppers , plus went out and bought the correct ones. now i realize i cant stop them all from going bas. I also bought a pure mango and pineapple juice. i wonder if i threw it to cover in a slow cooker if that would make a goood sauce.
    i may have to try that for the second batch tomorrow if it is a ok way, go by recipe first and hope for answer

    looks good i was just checking for a recipe for the roasted pineapple -habanero sauce made by robert rothschild farm that i have been buying at costco. I know from experience they will stop carrying it after a period, they did that with me and their raspberry pepper sauce. I went to look for it online and it was $7 for a bottle 1/4 the size, plus shipping, i pay $7 for a 37oz bottle at costco, and i love it, It looks like yours before it is blended into a spagetti like sauce. The chunks are about 1/4 inches. It has pineapple juice ,lemon juice onions, yellow and red bell peppers ,habanero peppers, plus all the citric acid ,sugar ,xathum gum, , the other ingredients, which are the prime , you already have in your recipe, i dont know the difference in peppers yet but i am sure it tastes great. I put it on everything, eggs,quinola, fish,, everthing! so i need to learn to make it when they are out, i started buying 6 bottles at a time now and i dont make it 2 weeks. So looking forward to your sauce, thanks!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I wanted to make a hot sauce that I enjoyed. Something with flavor not just heat. Something that was not store bought, for the reason you are talking about. I did not want to fall in love with a sauce and have the company go out of business, or stop making it. I made this hot sauce and my buddies could not get enough of it. I made a lot more then what is pictured. I gave most of it away and keep getting requests to make more. I kept a jar for myself, which i still have. Its been a couple of months and the taste gets better over time. Hope you enjoy it. Send me a message after you make it and tell me what you thought. Thanks again.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This guy knows what he's talking about.The combination of hotness and sweetness is absolute perfection!!!