Introduction: Pirate Balloon Sword

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Arr matey, Time to take over the seven seas!

In this instructable we will make a giant pirate balloon sword. So get your swagger out and get your balloons!

Step 1: Get Your Supplies!

For the balloon sword we'll be using 2 balloons; a 260Q which is blue in our example and a 350Q which is grey. If you cannot mouth inflate make sure you got your pump at hand!
Inflate the 350 fully, before tying the balloon always let a puff of air out! This way we can easily twist and turn the balloon, and it will less likely pop!
Inflate the 260 and leave about 4 finger or 3 inches of the balloon uninflated.

Note on balloon sized : 260 stands for a 2 inch diameter balloon and 60 inch of lenght when fully inflated, 350 stands for 3 inch diameter and 50 inch of length when fully inflated.

Step 2: Start Your Twisting!

First off we will tie both balloons to eachother at the knot.
After that we will make a pinch twist! For a pinch twist we will make one bubble of about an inch and then twist it around itself.
Congratulations we made a pinch twist!
Now we will make 4 bubbles of about an inch each. To prevent bubbles from coming undone, always make sure you hold both end of the balloon as you're twisting.
Another pinch twist! Now we will pinch twist the last bubble of our 4 bubbles around it's axis.

Step 3: Creating the Handle

For our handle wrap our blue 260Q, around the grey 360Q . Make sure it is quite firm around the handle so it won't slip as we're swordfighting!
Now twist the balloon around our recently made pinch twist!

Step 4: Adding Another Loop to Our Handle

To make our handle even stand our more we will add another loop.

First off we will make 2 more bubbles of around 1 inch each behind the pinch twist we already made.

Now we will turn the second bubble into another pinch twist!

Then we will wrap our 260Q blue balloon around our 350Q grey balloon. Twist the balloon into the pinch twist we just made! Sounds familiar? That's right, we did the same thing in the previous step!

Our handle should be done right now!

Step 5: Take Over the Seven Seas!

Great! Your giant pirate sword is completed, done with the days of being a landlubber!

You can always mix and match the colours as you desire!

Some troubleshooting;

- Help, my balloon is too hard!

Next time leave more uninflated balloon before tying it!

- Help, I got no balloon left to make another loop!

Make your first loop tighter or make smaller bubbles, make sure you left enough space uninflated before tying your balloon.

- Help, they are attacking me with a balloon pistol!

Quickly head over to the next instructable to make yourself one!