Introduction: Pirate Ghost Ship

Things you will need:
*A trailer.(we used our 27 foot burningman trailer)
*A 7-10 foot board(2x4,4x4,2x6 etc)(we used reclaimed fence post)
*4-9 used white sheets( some of ours were off color, so we bleached them over night in a bucket of bleach and water)
*Stapler and lots o staples
*6 large clamps
*6 bungee cords
*2 trees that the trailer can be positioned in the middle of
*a Ladder
*6-10 large rocks/bricks
*as many black lights as you can find!....or at least 3 large ones

(might needs)
Spray paint black,brown
Screws and power drill
Bailing wire
misc 2x4 and scraps of 2x4(wood pile stuff)

misc. halloween/pirate stuff for decor

Step 1: Securing the Bow

First thing is to secure wood to front of trailer(the tongue)

We used Bungee cords to secure the plank of wood to the front tongue.
Make sure to position wood at a slight angle for the bow of the ship.

If this doesn't feel secure possibly use some bailing wire as well till its totally secure.

If building larger bow, use a couple of 2x4 scraps screwed together, on either side of tongue, for more stability.

Step 2: Shaping the Ship

Using the rope, tie off from the top of the wood(fake bow) to the front of trailers corners.(or for higher front see below**)

Repeating a second line approximately 7-10 inchs below.

**At this point if you want a high front, you can use scrap 2x4 or anything(pvc?) pieces to make front of trailer higher then back of trailer.
This is where you will tie off rope instead.

Hint: we used some pvc squares from another project that didnt pan out. Not neccesary but was handy.

Step 3: The Captains Bar

We had a (very basic 2x4 )square box that our swamp cooler sits on in the summer. We used that for Captains bar(center of ship).
You could use a small table or a dresser or a nightstand or a hahaha, a swamp cooler!?

The top of it we used a "small"(as to not off set UV lighting) strand of Christmas white lights.

(We originally were going to borrow a ships wheel, but that didn't work out in time.
Had we got to use ships wheel, I would have secured it (nonmoving) to the front of captains bar.)

Step 4: Sheeting of the Sides!Matey!

I started the sheets in the front/Bow.rst lining them up to make sure of top to bottom coverage, and with leaving a bit on the front for theatrical effect(explainein later step)
Attaching the first sheet to the top front of the board(the bow). Staple staple staple....all the way down the bow wood.
I then bring the top of the sheet across the top rope leading toward the trailer. (clamp for temporary placement)

Once your sure that it will go all the way to ground leaving enough "extra" to be weighed down later. then staple the sheet tthe top rope.

(I flipped 1 inch of sheet over , then pinched some from under and stapled them together so it was like a curtain rod pocket)

Now start adding another sheet to go down the length of the ship.
stapling each sheet toegther from top to the bottom (SEAM).

(Use the clamps to secure the sheets while you staple! HELPS ALOT!)

Step 5: The Mast! (sail)

Run a length of rope from one tree to the other positioned above the ship.
Then staple a sheet over the rope.

Secure a 2x4 from the "Captains bar"(screws) to the rope (staples).

At this point the sheet should be centered and behind the 2x4.
Staple the sheet all the way down the 2x4 till you run out of sheet.(wind security)

Use scissors or just tear the bottoms of the sheet. I also cut a ragged hole in center and painted just around the circle with black spray paint for a cannon ball hole!

Step 6: Lighting! and Bottom Securing!

Before you can secure the bottoms of the sheets to the ground you need to place your lighting.

We placed 1, 4foot black light (UV) on the back side of the wood, facing the ship(under sheets).

We placed 1 4ft. Black light on both sides in front of tires(under sheets)

We placed 1 4ft black light at front of ship, not under sheets so it illuminates inside of ship as well as the sail.


We used big bricks to hold down the sheets to the COULD use tents stakes if you wanted.

Step 7: Extra Accessories....

If you have it laying around(like I have a bunch of old halloween stuff)

I threw on some chain....
I spray painted cabin windows and wood balasters on the sheets.

Take an extra sheet and cut it into 12-18inch wide by 3-4 ft long.
Shread with scissors or tear, one side of it all the way to 3-4 inch wide strip on one edge.(shred on one side, non shread on other)
Everywhere you stapled the sheets together, staple on one of these for flowy in the wind effect!
Take your surplus on the front of the bow, and shread all that too!
(make sure not to shread to deep or the sheets will come apart showing wood and lighting.)

A friend came over for halloween that had green rope light we threw that around the bottom too!

We had halloween props like dead rats in traps that we threw on the ships floor.
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