Introduction: Pirate Parrot Puppet

Hey guys I decided to make a fat parrot puppet Took me about 50 hours to make ( I'm not a professional haha)

Step 1: What You Need

Fabric ( various colours) , scissors, thread & needle, pen , paper , buttons , food stick , fish tank filter and finally creativity :P

Step 2: Make a Template

Make a template to create the body of the parrot Then cut out 4 from this template

Step 3: Make Wings

I made a wing shape out of paper , and cut 4 of this shape , sew them together and fill with fish tank filter Then attach the wings in between between the two sides

Step 4: Sew Up the Body

Sew the rest of the body together When you so the last seam make sure to leave lots of extra thread so that you can later invert it

Step 5: Invert the Body

Invert the body so that it is visibly appealing , then put fish tank filter in it to make it full I added a stocking full of beans in the bottom so that it will always sit up Pull the tread to Finnish the seam and the body is almost complete!

Step 6: Make Some Feathers !

Take a long strip of material and fold it several times as in the image above Cut a feather shape , this makes many feathers at once

Step 7: Sew on the Feathers

Sew on each individual feather to the body now

Step 8: Make the Beak and Head

I made up a bunch of shapes to create the beak and head I filled it with the same filler as the body I used a stick for food and covered it in fabric

Step 9: Leather Pirate Accessory

I used a strip of leather to Create this accessory and to cover where the head will be mounted

Step 10: Add the Head

Sew on his head and cover the seam with the leather strap

Step 11: Eyes!! ^_^

Sew buttons on for eyes ^_^

Step 12: Used Your Puppet

It's time to create some pirate evil hehe , hope you guys enjoyed the journey :)
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