Introduction: Pirate Treasure Meets Google Maps

Think about the problems pirates faced when they had to bury & locate there treasure. Talk about hard work all right, All the steps & navigating that they had to endure. Imagine if they had access to the internet or google maps even. Endless possibilities. Well I'd thought I would draw & design my view of what a google treasure map would look like? 3 simple steps


1x A4 paper (blank)
3x Tea bags (damp)
1x Black & Blue (colour pencils)
Access to a stove or a lighter (burning edges)

Step 1: Sketch Out Map

Step 1 grab a piece of A4 paper and with the black colouring pencil. Lightly sketch what you think a pirate treasure map would have in it. using a tablet or phone access the Google maps app and sketch a few features from this app onto your map.

Step 2: Applying Wet Tea Bags

Time for smoko, sit down, relax and make you a cup a tea. Cause this next step requires the use of tea bags. About 2 for A4 paper & 3 for a A3 paper. With the tea bag still abit wet. Dab them on your piece of paper. Do not let paper get soggy otherwise rips will occur in paper. To speed up drying I put in the oven for 40 seconds.

Step 3: Finishing Edges & Touch Up

Use a lighter to burn edges but keep an eye on it as it burns fast. And finish drawing your map.

Step 4: Add Your Personal Touch

This is my end product. This technique is not limited to treasure maps you can also make letters in bottles, great for games at birthdays or can be used if you have a paper on someone from that era. Thanks guy an enjoy

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