Introduction: Pirates Chest

This is a small (approx. 7x5x6cm) chest that stays shut because of the elastic tension of the lid.

The design is based on a chest we've found on the internet (can't find it back at the moment, sorry) and was modified to have a smaller format.


3mm MDF

Lasercutter (thanks Fablab)

Step 1: Download the SVG Files

The file has been modified to be self-locking, removing the need for glue.

This feature heavily depends on the lasercutter you're using and it's settings, so it may be too tight or too loose on other machines.

Step 2: Edit the Svg Files to Your Wishes

You can scale the svg drawings to your needs using inkscape.

Beware that you'll need to adapt the tolerances on the interlocking tabs, as they will scale with the rest of the sketch: the file has approximately 0.2mm 'oversized' tabs to ensure proper self-locking. If you scale up the chest by a factor of 2, this oversizing will scale to 0.4mm, which is way too much to assemble the chest.

Step 3: Send the File to a Laser-cutter

We've used the Trotec machines @ FABLab Leuven.

They are set to cut any red lines and engrave any black lines.