Introduction: DIY Pixelated Heart Pendant

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Pixelated games are all time popular, it reminds me of my childhood , mario brothers is my fav!

I was really excited about the 4 contest and was waiting to make something pixelated! I kept thinking and thinking but couldn't decide what to make. But finally I realized that it's the month of love and instructbales is getting filled with hearty ibles, so I couldn't wait any longer and made this pixelated heart pendant :)

This pendant is super easy to make and could be a sweet gift for your special one... don't just sit there, go make one!

You can also name this pendant as zelda heart or minecraft heart.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make pixelated heart you'll need:

1) Thick paper,
2) Pixelated heart template,
3) Scissor and anti-cutter,
4) Pencil and paint brush,
5) Glue (white glue or hot glue),
6) Fabric paint- red and black,
7) Clear nail polish,
8) Jump ring and chain necklace or thick string.

Step 2: Pixelated Heart Template

You can create a pixelated heart template of your own or use the template I created. 

Print out the pixelated heart template in any size you want, 

Cut the heart out of the paper.

Step 3: Tracing & Cutting

I used thick paper to make the pendant, you can use cereal box cover too,

Place the pixelated heart template on the thick paper and trace around the edges using a pencil.
Trace 3-4 pixelated hearts on the thick paper,

Cut out all the layers out of the thick paper using a scissor,
Use an anti-cutter to cut out the small square piece on one side of the heart, it's for attaching the jump ring.

Step 4: Gluing

Now that you've cut out all the thick layers of pixelated heart, start gluing them one over another,

After gluing all the layers apply some glue around the edges/sides to get a smooth end.

Allow the glue to dry.

Step 5: Coloring

I used red fabric paint for coloring as it is thicker than other paints (poster colors),

Apply at least 2 coats of red fabric paint on the heart pendant, make sure you paint it evenly on all sides,

Apply the second coat after the first coat dries.

Step 6: Pixelated Border

Be very careful in this step, but you'll have to wait till the red paint is completely dry or else both colors (red and black) will get smudged together.

I used black fabric paint, size '0' and '6' paint brush  for the pixelated borders,

Use the size '0' paint brush to create & color the small squares around the border,

Also color the edges/sides of the pendant with black fabric paint.

Allow the paint to dry.

Step 7: Final Touch

 After the fabric paint dries apply a coat of clear nail polish on the pendant to give it a shiny look.

Well, clear nail polish is great for coating, it'll keep your pendant from getting ruined as it is made of paper and gives it a glossy look.

Step 8: The Pendant

You can buy jump rings but I think it's better to make jump rings for this pendant, because you'll need a relatively bigger jump ring for it.

Attach the jump ring on the square hole of the pendant and wear it on a string or chain necklace.

Wasn't that fun and easy!? I hope you enjoy making one and if you do please share a picture by clicking the 'I made it' button :)

Step 9: Bonus Templates

You can make almost every pixelated game character pendant using this technique.

Here are some popular pixelated game character templates from pacman, space invaders...
The yellow marked area is the pendant hole for attaching jump ring, you'll have to cut this square hole out,
Print and cut out the templates, rest of the instructions are the same.

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