Introduction: Pizza Pie

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Yesterday was Pi Day and I wanted to make a pie to celebrate it. But between salty and sweet food I prefer is one of my favorite I thought why not making a pizza pie? 
You can fill it with whatever you like and it's so delicious!
I am going to show you how to make a classic tomato sauce and mozzarella pizza pie.

Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients of this recipe are actually the same that you use to make a regular pizza.
  • Pizza dough - this is the one I made: if you don't like this one, you can use your favorite pizza dough!
  • Tomato sauce - about 1 cup, depending on how much mozzarella you have
  • Mozzarella - I put 3! You can put less or more, it all depends on your personal taste!
  • Olive oil
  • Salt

Step 2:

First of all take a round baking tin and your pizza dough (make sure that it has already leavened).

Spread some oil in the baking tin then take about half of your dough and lay it in then tin, pushing it with your fingers to give the right shape to it.
Take other small pieces of dough and do the same to cover the edges.

Step 3:

Cut your mozzarella in many little pieces and mix it with tomato sauce in a bowl.

Add salt and spices or herbs that you like (basil and oregano for example).
This is a classic filling, you can add other ingredients you like to it!

Now pour your mixture into the baking tin, on the dough you prepared previously.

Step 4:

Fold the edges of dough on the mixture as if you were closing it.

Take the remaining pizza dough and spread it, trying to give a round shape to it.

Lay it on the mixture to close the pizza pie finally.

Draw the Pi symbol cutting the dough with a knife. 
If you don't want to do that, make some holes on it to make sure that it doesn't burst while it's cooking in the oven!

Spread some more oil on it and bake at 200C (400F) for about 20 minutes.

Step 5:

Once it's out of the oven, it's ready to be eaten!

Cut slices: you will see all the mozzarella coming fact it was very hard for me to take a "tidy" picture of a slice lol.
It's probably not the most good looking thing you have ever seen, but I bet it's one of the most delicious things you will ever eat!

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