Introduction: Pizza Saver Mobile Phone Stand

Once I was having a video conversation with my family on my smart phone. It was tiring to hold the phone during the entire conversation. At the same time I had my Pizza delivered and along came this simple idea of a mobile stand...

Mostly pizzas are delivered with a plastic ring with 3-4 legs in the center called pizza saver. Looking at the ring, an idea struck .... and along came this simple "Pizza Saver Mobile Phone stand"

P.S: sorry i don't have a high res cam.. so please bear me with the image resolutions..

Step 1: Materials

  • pizza saver
  • pliers or wire cutter or craft knife
  • ruler and marker (optional)

Step 2: Making the Cut

using pliers or wire cutter , cut one of the legs leaving a 5-7 mm stub as in the image. you can use a craft knife also, but be careful not to cut yourself as the plastic is hard.

be careful while cutting, so that the stub is no smaller than 5mm as it has to support the phone, and not very long as it obstructs the screen. you can have the help of ruler and marker for this step.

.... and you have your "Pizza Saver Mobile Phone stand"

Step 3: Enjoy

now have a video conversation or play a video and enjoy your pizza..

note: this supported a 6in device when placed horizontally and my iphone 4s in vertical position. i don't have any other devices to test with... so your experiences are welcomed...