Introduction: Super Hero Logo Bookmark

This is a simple way to do a bookmark from card-stock or carton box. It takes no more than 1-2 min depending up on the complexity.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

  • card stock (colored or plain white) or carton.( I used a piece that was cut from a black colored shopping bag)
  • pencil
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • colors (optional)

Step 2: Draw

I made bookmarks of Batman logo and The Punisher logo. As those are black in color, I took a black piece of card that I cut from a shopping bag.

If you are planning on making superman or spiderman,you can take a plain card and decorate it later.

Now draw the outline of the logo and extend it with a rectangular tab as in the image. You can also mirror image the logo outline instead of the rectangular tab.

Step 3: Cut and Fold

Now using scissors or craft knife cut along the outline. be careful not to cut yourself.

now fold at the edge of rectangular tab(in my case) which should get you something similar to the one in the image.

Step 4: And....

Happy reading ;-)