Pizza Sub

Introduction: Pizza Sub

the pizza sub is a sandwich that is made out of the things you put on pizza. They have this at subway but I made some adjustments to it.


the supplies you will need are: 1. Bread(any kind would work) 2. Pizza sauce 3. cheese( preferably mozzarella ) 4. any topings that you would wan ton your pizza

Step 1: Get Out the Bread

You can use any time of bread for this but I chose this type of bread.

Step 2: Put Sauce Over the Bread

only apply it to one side otherwise things might get messy and the same goes for all the other toppings.

Step 3: Add Cheese

Like I said before it can be any type of cheese I just used mozzarella for this one.

Step 4: Add the Toppings

I added pepperoni and some Parmesan,because I like those toppings

Step 5: Microwave for Thirty Seconds

you can microwave this for any time from 20 to 40 seconds but I think that 30 seconds is the best

Step 6: Put the Two Bread Pieces on Top of Each Other

you are now done, hopefully you liked the pizza sub.

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