Introduction: Placemats Moccasins

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Ever wondered how to make your own moccasins?

On this tutorial I will show you how to make your own pair using some placemats instead of leather. They are easy to make, they are also fresh, comfortable, weightless, cheap and waterproof.


  • 3 Plastic/PVC placemats
  • 1 Foam placemat
  • 1 Piece of fabric
  • 1 Small plastic rug
  • 1 Marker/Pen/white pencil
  • 1 Pair of scissors
  • 1 Tube of contact glue for flexible materials (Or silicon)
  • 1 Big needle
  • 1 Roll of nylon thread (Or any other strong thread)
  • 1 Bag of plastic beads of the color of your preference
  • 1 Piece of cardboard or a sheet of paper
  • Hot glue and silicon gun

Step 2: Footprint

The first step is to draw your footprint on a piece of paper/ or cardboard. This is going to be used in order to make all the next patterns.

Step 3: Patterning

Use the foam placemat to make the rest of the patterns.

  • Start placing the paper sole over the foam and then draw a line about 1 inch from the border of the paper sole, make sure to draw an almost straight line from the ball to the beginning of the heel (as shown on the image) trying to avoid the curvature of the arch of the foot. We are going to name this pattern as number one and add R to make reference to the right foot and L for the left one.
  • The second pattern is going to be a little larger to the sides, the size of the straight line is going to be measured according to the size of the bridge of your foot minus ½ inch, the large of this piece will depend on the distance from the tip of the big toe to the end of the bridge, this pattern will be named two.
  • And almost finally we are going to draw the tongue of the moccasin, this is almost as freestyle as you want, but you can draw it as shown on the image, it’s about three inches length and two and a half wide, with curvy edges at the top and a pointy one at the bottom. This is going to be called pattern three.
  • Now cut all these pieces out and place them over the plastic/PVC placemats.

Step 4: Cutting the Pieces

Place patterns 1, 2 and 3 as shown on the image above, my placemats look like they are knitted in squares so I decided to follow the lines for the pieces that are going to make the upper side of the moccasin (2 and 3) and place on diagonal the one that is going to make the lower part and the sole (1).

You just need to flip over your patterns to draw the pieces of the other shoe.

Now to make the counter of the moccasin draw a rectangle on a new placemat as shown on the image, the length is the same as the placemat and the wide is the double size of the tall of the heel (as shown on the image)

Note: Cut the labels of the placemats and place them apart, we are going to need them almost at the end of this tutorial.

Step 5: Sole

Now, place together all the pieces.

For one shoe you are going to need a piece of each pattern (1,2,3 and 4) and one piece from the paper sole on foam, on plastic rug and on fabric. (First image)

We are going to start by attaching with contact glue the piece of plastic rug at the bottom of pattern 1, and with the hot glue the pieces of fabric and foam, then place over the top of pattern 1 the attached pieces of fabric and foam, with the fabric looking top and the foam looking bottom. Let dry both glues. (Second Image)

Step 6: Toe Cap and Heels

Now put some thread in the needle and sew with a simple sewing point the “sole” of the moccasin as shown on the image, then put your foot over and pull softly and firmly the thread until the sole is covering your fingers and your heel, but make sure it’s not too lose or too tight on both ends.

Then make a knot to the thread near to the sole and cut the excess.

Step 7: Vamp

Place piece 2 over your foot and inside piece 1 as shown, piece 1 should always face out the moccasin because otherwise the sharpen borders could make injuries to your feet when you use your moccasins.

The sewing point will be the one in the picture, be careful with the needle.

Don't sew with your foot inside, I said "Over your foot" just as a reference point.

Step 8: Top and Counter

Now it´s time for sewing piece 4 which will make the counter of the moccasin. Do it as shown on the picture and remember to put piece 4 in the inner side of piece 1. Use the same sewing point as on the previous step. Make a knot to the thread and cut the excess.

Step 9: Tongue and Shoelace

At this point your moccasin is almost done; you can try it on or you can continue until the very end.

Now it’s time to attach the tongue, do it as it looks on the image, place it at the middle of the bridge of piece 2 and sew it with a simple sewing point, make a knot and cut the thread. (First image)

Fold piece 4 down and out at the half and put a shoelace between both sides of it, then make a simple knot with both ends of the shoelace making sure it is not too tight or too lose to make it move or fall from its position.(Second image)

Step 10: Eyelet and Labeling

Sew piece 4 as shown in order to make the eyelet for the shoelace, when you arrive near the middle of the heel place the label of the placemat or your very own, this is totally optional, sew together with piece 4 until you end at the other side of the moccasin depending on the side you started.

Step 11: Fringes

Cut some strips to make the fringes of the moccasin on piece 3 and 4 as shown, they are about ¼ inch wide each and 1 ½ to 2 of length. Look at the images.

Step 12: Beads Detail

Now using the plastic beads make some strips as in the detail of the image and then sew them under the fringe of piece 3.

Step 13: DONE

Do the same for the other one.

Wear your moccasins with the outfit of your preference and enjoy.

Postscript: I’m not a native English speaker, I’m still learning so I’m very sorry if this tutorial has some errors, I tried my best. Good luck and have a nice day
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