Low Crotch Swants (Easy Swants)




Introduction: Low Crotch Swants (Easy Swants)

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This is a really simple way to make your own Swants (Sweater + pants).

You can find the original swants tutorial here .
I´m showing you a easy way to make your own low crotch swants. 

It takes about 35 minutes to make them
and you only need to cut and sew.

Materials and tools:

- A sweater that fits you ( V neck if possible)
- Scissors
- A needle
- Waste yarn for seaming

Step 1: Shape and Size

This are the guidelines that you have to look in your sweater.
The importance of the " V "neck is because we will be using
it as an intern belt.

Step 2: Cut

Mark the sweater as shown and then cut the arms,
the back and the front.

Step 3: Sew

Now sew the front part of the arm with the front part of the sweater.
Make sure the shoulders are pointing to the middle of the sweater.

Do the same to the back.

There is going to be a space between both shoulders (red line).
Don't worry, that is supposed to happen.
Sew the front with the back to close that hole.

Step 4: Almost Done

At this point your swant should look like this and you can go and try it on.

You can leave your work done here, but as in my case, if you think your swant
is going to fall to your knees when you walk...

Then you should try the next step.

Step 5: From Neck to Belt

The importance of the "V" neck is only because of this step, because the V neck length is larger than the circular one, so you only have to cut it and attach it to the waist of your swant.

Sew as shown in the image (by the inside).

Then pass a lace or a ribbon trough the hole in the belt.

Step 6: You Are Done.

Wear them as you please, have a nice day
and sorry for the low quality images.

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    8 years ago

    The creator the DIY swant.
    I have a fascination with this style that I can't quite wrap my head around
    Nice, clear tutorial

    13, 8:29 PM.jpg

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you.

    Yes I found the tutorial a week ago and I had to try it. The link of the creator is in the intro so there is no way I'm taking credit of it, only showing another way of doing it. I'm also thinking in doing more swants to wear this winter because they are awesome.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It´s more comfortable, but you can fix it in the step 3 by cutting a triangle as large as you want your crotch to be.

    Also I wanted them to look like this