Introduction: Plane Made of Styrofoam Tray

Corona time made me improvise

This is 10 minutes work, you can make it with yours kids and use what ever tray available

It fly vary nice in-house and outdoor with slight wind

Have Fun


  • Styrofoam tray - various sizes
  • pen
  • ruler
  • cutting knife
  • small coin
  • duct tape

Step 1: Mark Shape on Tray

take an example from picture

it doesn't have to be the same

keep in mind that size of wing is not small and not to big

the tip of the wing act as rudder

make rudder stretched back for center of gravity to be balanced

Step 2: Add Hand Grip

it has to be big enough to hold with 2 or 3 fingers

make small spline to in wing to make hand grip get inside it tightly

Step 3: Balance Center of Gravity

use the coin and duct tape to adjust center of gravity (COJ)

COJ have to be slightly forward