Introduction: Plant Care

So you've been thinking of hopping into the world of house plants and having this indoor space of green peace. Great!

Plants are a great way to brogan little color to spaces the are a bit dull. There are also health benefits to having plants around you, there are air purifiers, plants to keep humidity, calming plants, relaxing, soothing. This endless options of what plants to buy can be over whelming but let me help you. DEEP breath in and exhale, feel better? No? that's okay

When I first started collecting plants I didn't know what I was doing till I already had them in my car from Lowes. Becoming a plant parent is a bit tiring, but so much fun. You can kinda forget about them, show them little love and they are ready to show the appreciation with intense growth.

Choose your greens and what you're wanting to fill those empty spaces with and do some quick research.


  • Internet Access
  • Form of note taking (iPad, pencil & paper, phones etc.)
  • Direction placement ( N,S,E,W)
  • Time.
  • Maybe a downloadable app.

Step 1: Step One: Choose a Place.

Choosing a place for a plant is necessary for optimal growth and development for a plant. You could just start buying and placing but you will deff lose some here and there before you'll figure it out. That is what I started doing before I fully knew what I was doin. So to each is their own and buy away. Fill that house and just move plants around when you notice hiccups. You can use your phone to tell you North, South, West, East, and all in-between.

Step 2: Step Two: Sunlight Condition

granted this pic above isn't in the room it was WATERING DAY which I do in the bathroom in collective groups. So moving on, you've got place picked now lots talk about the available sunlight. I'll use my room as a reference, I have a south facing window with low humidity. Knowing this I can have a variety of different species of plants. I can have foliage, ferns, succulents, vines, trees, cacti. All these plants tho need different amount of sunlight. I have spots in my rom that have little to now light, spots that are indirect light, and high light areas. Sooo in knowing this I group my plants into those categories. I also keep the small tags that come with the platens when you buy them I use the tag as little reference pieces, if they are a new species to me ( the tags are like a little cheat sheet for quick care) which are just inside the nursery pot in the stores. (ie the thin plastic pot they come in) You don't have to repot the plants immediately after you buy them. What I like to do is keep them in their nursery pot let them acclimate to the new area and wait things out. they will tell you when its time to be re-potted.

Step 3: Step Three: Plants

Alright so you got you place and sunlight condition sorted out now it's time to do some research about potential suitors you have in mind. I mean plants, for me I just went to the store and gave myself a couple of hours so I can browse all the plants indoor and outdoor ( I went to Lowes and other stores like that and a few plant nurseries around town.) I took pictures of the plants and used an app to see the plant fully grown and other details the little tags don't include. I also had a notes of plants I wanted for sure and went to those first. I gathered info about all the plants I wanted and to see if they would live in my room, which about 90% of them did. I had a few testers here and there to see if could have flowers in there and that didn't work out too well. So give this process some time and start you collection slowly then once you've figured it out I mean just go HAMMMM and buy everything. Create a forest in that house and be Tarzan.

Step 4: Step Five: Plant Friends

You're probably wondering why I keep saying groups or categories when I talk about plants and placement of them. Its really neat actually I've noticed when I have the same genre of plants together they feed of each other and grow faster with the energy from one another, it might sound far fetched but plants can receive and put out energy, they sleep, react to attitudes, vibe to music and love. So Love your plants talk to them, play your music a bit louder they like to listen. ( I do these things because the ideology of Wicca and caring for Mother Nature) SO purify your air and put out that positive energy!!

Step 5: Step Six: Watering and Rotation

Back at it again with the bathroom piccccc featuring my palm tree. Anyway, you might ask what do I mean by watering cycles and rotation well let me tell you. A lot of plants have different watering needs some need to be watered everyday, or every other day, one a week, once every two weeks, in-between soil compression cycles (what that means you will water the plant and then wait till the soil is dry to the touch, some soil compresses and some doesn't, just depends on brands.) and for decently equal growth it is best to slight rotate the plant everyday like it just have be exactly 20° or 90° just a little scoot here and there. The plant will be fuller, greener and just prettier overall.

Step 6: Step Seven: Maintenance

Now you kinda know what you're doing, so keep up that amazing work, buy more plants and make yourself happy and your new additions to the family happy too, if you have cats or dogs they might pee in the soil, so if that happens make sure you throughly rinse the soil for about 15 minutes to cleanse the roots and making sure the soil is free of toxins and please please make sure you tip the pot to the side a little to drain the little water that sits in bottom nothing is worse and root rot. you can put rocks onto of the soil around the plant to help prevent said animal form doing it again. Water you little friend; grow that collection and enjoy that new life of being a Plant Parent.