Introduction: Plant Label From Copper Pipes.

About: Perpetual prototypist

I made these plant labels from scrap copper pipes.

Copper is said to help the soils and protect plants against snails and slugs.

The construction requires hand tools and a drill.

Obviously, the plants shown here are not beans but strawberries!

Step 1: Parts and Tools

12mm (1/2") copper pipe for stalk - 200mm (8") suggested length.

19mm (3/4") copper pipe for top piece where plant name is written upon. 80mm (3") suggested length.

4mm pilot drill bit

10mm - 12mm drill bit ; stone the sharp edges of the drill bit flat so as not to 'snag' the copper pipe when drilling through.

Flat file, round file.


Deburr tool and/or counter sink to trip burrs off cut pipes.


Drill - hand or drill press.

Step 2: Cut Copper Pipes to Desired Length.

I chose 80mm (3") length for the top piece, and 200mm (8") for the stalk.

Cut the stalk with a 45 degree angle so it pushes into the ground easier.

I used a hacksaw, but a pipe cutter could also be used.

Step 3: Drill Hole in Top Piece

Measure and mark the mid point of the top piece.

Drill a pilot hole first, then a larger hole. The biggest bit I had was 10mm, so the hole needed filing out to 12mm (1/2") by hand.

Best to use a blunt drill bit as a sharp drill bit can 'grab' the copper as it is cutting through.

Step 4: Insert Stalk Into Top Section and Squash With Vice.

Crush the top section with a vice with the stalk in place. Move the top piece around to squash to completely flatten out the whole piece.

Bend the stalk backwards to provide a desired viewing angle.

File off and sharp edges.

Step 5: Mark With a Sharpie.

Label can be re-used simply by cleaning off any existing marking with cleaning alcohol.

The copper can be made to shine by soaking it in water and a teaspoon of citric acid overnight.