Introduction: Planter Which Plants Other Plants

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It is a planter which plants other plants. It has a seed dispenser, automatic plant watering bottle and a small plough. It is mainly used in small gardens where it ploughs , plant seeds and waters the plants. The planter is made of pringles can. You can make it by following these simple 10 steps

Step 1: Materials Required

Step 2: Attach the Motors to the Chassis

Attach the motors to the chassis by putting it in the holes and tightening the gear .Then attach the wheels by screwing them onto the motors.

Step 3: Wiring

Connect both the positive wires of rear motors. Connect the negative wires of the rear motors to the positive wires of the front motors. Connect the right front motor's negative wire to the battery's positive wire (two 9 volts batteries connected in series or parallel). The left front motor's negative wire is connected to a switch and to the negative wire of the battery.

Step 4: Sticking the Cap Holder

Cut the cap holder with a PVC cutter and smooth it with a sand paper. Then use Araldite to stick it down the chassis base. Then use M-Seal to secure it in place.

Step 5: Making the Plough for the Planter

Take a metal spoon bend the end with a pair of pliers. Then attach the cap to the mouth with epoxy and again secure it with M-Seal. You can attach or unscrew by screwing and unscrewing it into the chassis.

Step 6: Adding the Plant to the Car

Next, take the plant and stick it to the top of the batteries with hot glue gun.


Cut the cap holder with a PVC cutter and smooth it with a sand paper. Then use Araldite to stick it to the top end of the chassis .Then use M-Seal to secure it in place.

Step 8: Making the Automatic Seed Dispenser

Take an eraser and cut like the picture above .Take the seed dispenser and stick the vibrator at the bottom of it.Connect the vibrator to a switch and to the AA battery holder .Then stick the eraser to the seed dispenser with hot glue .Then attach the seed dispenser to the cap with araldite and again secure with M-Seal.

Step 9: Making the Automatic Plant Waterer

Take a bottle and cut a small hole at the side of the bottle .Then attach the cap at the bottom of the bottle with araldite and again!!!! secure with M-Seal .To fill it we should close the hole and fill water at the top.

Step 10: Use It!

There you go! You made yourself a project which is very useful for this world environment day.

You can simply switch between the "ploughing mode","watering mode" and "seed dispenser".


Step 11: Watch the Video to See How It Works

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