Introduction: Simple MAGNETIC Rolling Toy

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This is a simple magnetic toy which teaches kids about attraction and repulsion of magnets.This is really simple to make and feels like magic for kids.You can make this toy in just 5 minutes. This toy works with repulsion of magnets. This projects just works with trash laying around your home.

Step 1: Watch the Video

You can simply make the project by simply following the video.

Step 2: Materials Required

Materials required :-

1. Any small circular container x1

2. Circular magnets x1

3. GOOD Hot Glue Gun x1

4. Glue Sticks x1

5. Cleaning Brush

Step 3: Cut the Handle

Cut the handle of the brush which will be used in our project. This can be taken from any of the old brush laying around the house

Step 4: Check the Repulsion of the Magnets

Check the repulsion of the magnets. Like poles repel so North - North and South - South Repel. Unlike poles attract so North - South Attract. Name them with a marker for your convenience.

Step 5: Attach the Magnets

Attach the magnets to the circular container and the cut handle of the brush. Make sure that both are like poles so that they repel and attach both South - South or North - North at the top with a Hot Glue Gun or Super Glue

Step 6: Enjoy!!

There you have it the simplest Magnetic toy. So when you bring the handle close to the container, it rolls and moves away from the handle. If you liked this Instructable please vote for me and Subcribe to my channel.

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