Introduction: Planter With Sand and Epoxy Resin

Making a planter from sandstones and crystal clear epoxy resin. The color and style of the planter are suitable for cactus and succulents. I use crystal clear epoxy and put river sandstones inside. It is very easy to do. The form is made of two yogurt containers of different sizes.



glue gun,



100g crystal clear epoxy resin


Step 1: Making Mold

I have got two different sized yogurt containers. I put four pieces of chopstick inside the big container to leave a room for planter bottom. Then put a small container inside a big one and glued with melt glue.

After cut the bottom of big container and removed chopsticks. And that's it. The mold is ready.

Step 2: Filling Epoxy

Filled the mold with epoxy resin and left room for stones. Then put stones. You can use a chopstick to align stones inside the mold. Because stones will be hard to drill I put some melt glue gun sticks in place of holes in order to drill them once epoxy will dry.

Step 3: Remove Mold and Plant

After the resin dries out just remove containers and drill holes at the bottom of the planter.

Now you can plant in it.

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