Introduction: Plants Vs Zombies Gargantuar Zombie!

Gargantuar needs BRAINS!

Step 1: Eye Balls

Clear plastic holiday balls

Cut off tops

Mask to paint

Spray white first

Remove center masking tape circle for pupil and spray black

Leave outside masking tape on until head is finished

Step 2: Large Head

Stuff plastic garbage bag with paper tightly

Shape to basic shape

Mask to hold basic shape

Step 3: Add Eyes

Dot outside of eyeballs where center is

Draw basic features on head: eye placement, nose, mouth

Mount with masking tape

Step 4: Mount Neck

Fashion neck and collar out of cardboard circles

Mount with masking tape

Step 5: Small Head

Create small head helmet out of parts which will wrap around your head and fit so it turns with your head like a hat.

I would do over with a baseball cap with out rim and cardboard down around face (Plastic did not let paper mache clay dry well)

Step 6: Mount Eyes

Mark eye centers

Masking tape to mount eyes in place

Step 7: Build Up Shape Details

Roll and crumple paper held with masking tape to form eye ridges, chin, cut mouth and tape.

Step 8: Detail With Paper Mache Clay

I used to make clay (mix really, really well)

Form all details 1/4'' thick

Wet hands to smooth

Dry 3 to 5 days. Be careful adding heat to dry quicker, I melted two eyeball and had to re-make them.

You can use Bondo spot putty and sand to really get smooth, I did not.

Step 9: Make Bucket

One small trash can

Paint to look rusty

Metal snip to fit shoulders

Leave cut part attached to mount small ropes and pad for neck

Step 10: Size for Mounting

1 sumo inflatable suit

I tried to dye suit dark green (rit dye), it just took a shade or two off the pasty flesh color to mute it a little

Stuff small pillow on shoulders under a T-shirt to cover neck and give something for bucket to rest on

Step 11: Small Arms

3/4" pvc and masking tape painted tan

3" pieces of rope glued to bottom of hands to appear it is grabing

feed rope through PVC from bucket

Step 12: Red Shirt

Thin red foam cut and hot glued to form sleeves and collar

Mounted in bucket flap

Step 13: Paint Heads

Tan paint for heads

Also painted rubber "Hulk hands"

Hands needed car under coat sprayed on first, then tan paint so tan paint had something to hold on to.

Step 14: Detail Heads

Black and white paint to detail

I used thick electrical wire (outdoor low voltage wire) to make hairs

Pull all paper out of inside of large head from back

Step 15: Mount to Body

Small backpack stuffed with paper and worn on chest to extend large head out from body

Old belt around large head neck

Ropes from bucket to belt buckle

Bucket and your neck hold large head in place with small ropes

You adjust so you can turn your small head mask side to side

Step 16: Vest, Pants, Telephone Pole

4 yards blue light weight fabric

3 yards light weight brown fabric

Inflate sit with rubber bands to block arm, leg and neck holes

Lay over fabric inflated suit, measure and cut fabric for pants and vest, sew

dress suit, sew pants to suit belt line and ruff cut to look like rips

Telephone pole is 2'x2' redwood and plastic plumbing parts found in Home Depot to look like insulators

Step 17: Steppin Out

Shoes are a size 14 found in a thrift store

Step 18: Go Find Some BRAINS!

Step 19: But Watch Out for the Triple Pea Shooter!

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