Introduction: Plants Vs. Zombies Epic Sketch

In this instructable i will show you how to create your very own Plants vs Zombies sketch. I used sketch book pro 6 trial and some photoshop. I used only a few different brushes for easy following of the tutorial! Lets get started.

Step 1: The Basic Sketch

Firstly your gonna want to start with sketchbook pro. The first brush I used was the pencil were I sketched the basic outline slowly to make sure I was happy with the results.  

Secondly I love for drawings to have a thick boarder, almost like comic book style. So go ahead and pick a dark thin brush, the equivalent in real life would be a fine point sharpie marker. My image only shows me doing the head but continue to do this throughout the body. Do not shade or add fine details with this brush. 

Step 2: Shading the Zombie

This step is probably the hardest and most important. Without it your zombie will just look flat and boring. But with it, your zombie will pop and become real. Make sure you start this step on a new layer, if you did not it would make the process much harder. So the three tools I used to shade are a pencil tool, the airbrush tool (thats the main one) and the blur tool. 

I first start with the skin because it has the most variation of the entire zombie. Shading is an art itself so keep trying it until your happy with it. Remember you can go out on the lines and erase after because you created a new layer at the beginning of this step. Continue to shade until your zombie is complete!

Step 3: Adding the Peashooter and Basic Background

Lets add the good guy! I drew the pea shooter so it looks like the camera angle is right over its head. This adds a cool effect like there getting ready to battle.

The process of creating the pea shooter is exactly the same as the zombie. It easier due to the fact that there is less detail on the shooter. So start the process. 1: basic sketch with a pencil, 2: darker out line, 3: SHADE!

For the background create yet again another new layer draw a basic road some grass and a hill and you got yourself a nice simple background! 

Step 4: Adding the Fence and Detailing the Road

If you got through the first few steps from here on out you should be able to complete everything else pretty easily!!  The is agian the same proccess as the zombie and shooter, sketch, darken, shade. just make sure the points on the fence look like little icecreams and you will be all good!

For the road and side walk to add some depth I added a simple curb. Its not much but it has a huge effect. Then I picked a textured brush. Which one is up to you, and went from dark to light and done, a simple road completed. Make sure you erase to shading that went out the lines.

Step 5: Finishing the Background

This step is the most simple one yet! But as i have said before it is crucial you make a new layer every time you darken something or do anything for that matter. Picking the pattern/texture could be hard sometimes but for the grass areas I just used a simple cross hatched pattern to simulate grass. It worked out pretty well.

As for the sky I used what sketchbook pro calls A "Synthetic Soft Round Brush" but you can use what ever you want. To make the moon I used the ellipse tool to make it round and the shade tool ON WHITE to make it look real. For the stars just click on to the sky layer and use the eraser tool on the smallest setting and place dots everywhere.

And last but not least I used another synthetic paint brush on the side walk and made it very dark for variation. Then you background should be complete! 

Step 6: Touching Up

I used photoshop for this part but it can be done in sketchbook pro just as easily. All I did here was crop it and blur somethings. When that is done you have completed your very own Plants vs. Zombies sketch! Congratulations!!