Introduction: How to Make a Themed Hoodie With Photoshop!

Through simple technics in this tutorial I will show you how to created a themed hoodie! For The theme I choose, it was "The Gamer." A mixture of classic amazing games all on one hoodie!

Step 1: Template and Shading

First download the hoodie template. When picking a theme choose one that you enjoy so you can be passionate about your design.

I started buy simply shading the outer edge of the hoodie to add some definition.

Step 2: Adding Images

As I said my theme is video games. 
Start buy picking out a few images. I recommend one big center piece on the front and back so the hoodie is less chaotic. 

Find proper placement of each image. Resizing and erasing is what make the hoodie. 

Step 3: Continuing...

When adding circle logos you can use the free transform tool to make it look more realistic. 

putting the sleeves requires using the command T function and could take some time to look correct.

Step 4: The Back

Continue to do the same process on the back, as you did on the front!

use transform to make the images following the natural curves of the hoodie.

I also suggest adding a cool title. Mine is "Gamer" with a gun R. You could put this on the front or back.

For the hood of the hoodie, I recommend one large circular  logo.

Step 5: Adding a Cool Texture!

Pick a cool pattern, such as squares. something simple thats pleasing to the eyes!
Put behind all your images and fit it into the outline of the hoodie.

Step 6: Finishing Steps!

To finish you may want to add a few filters to subdue some things, but its up to you!
To make things stand out add a black stroke to it!
And you are all Done!

Step 7: Final Product

This has been a simple way to design your own hoodie.

And remember this doesn't have to be about games, it can be anything from music to patterns!

Be creative and keep it simple. 
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