Introduction: Plants Vs Zombies Sunflower Cake

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How to make Plants vs Zombies Sunflower cake. Approved by Tallahassee from Zombieland!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Beyond basic baking supplies such as bowls, stirring implements, whisks, etc. You will need

1. 1.5 cups of milk chocolate chips

2. 1 chai tea bag

3. 8 tablespoons of butter

4. 4 Eggs

5. White and Black Gel Decorating Paste

6. TWINKIES! At least 8, but they come in packs of 10

Special Equipment needed

1. Parchment Paper, NOT wax paper

2. 9 inch cake tin

3. Crock Pot

4. A small knife

Step 2: Follow the Video

Hope you enjoy having an awesome cake to feed to your friends, I know my friends basically inhaled it after they admired it.

I love flourless chocolate cakes, they're really delicious and moist so I've never felt the need to ice them. With this cake I used milk chocolate to keep the cake a light brown so that the black details would still be visible. If you want to ice the cake go ahead and ice it. But I like lazy cooking, and this is my lazy cooking turning out something pretty.

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