Introduction: Plastic Bottle Floating Chlorinator

This instructable is for keeps our swimming pool water safe and clean, chlorine eliminates most dangerous contaminants. You need only a plastic bottle, chlorine tablets and some tool for make several holes in bottle body.

Step 1: Materials

Just a few components
- Bottle
- knife
- Drill
- Chlorine Tablets
- Swimming Pool (Off Course)

Step 2: Drilling

If you have a drill, please make several holes at the bottom of the bottle. This holes is are to enter the water.

Step 3: Cutting (PART1)

how many holes ?

you are the boss !!!!

Step 4: Cutting (Part2)

The last cut .

This cut is make to size matching with your chlorine tablets.
Insert only amount according with your swimming pool size.

Please read instructions in the chlorine tablets package.

Step 5: Lets Float

Thanks a lot for see this instructable.

Bye Bye
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