Introduction: Plastic Glove Upcycled From Plastic Air Bag Bubble Packaging Padding

Air bag packaging can easily be reused as low-security sanitary mitt or glove, which can be useful for some quick sanitary-isolation tasks such as single-use typing on a cash-point ATM keyboard, handling a bin or door handle or incoming deliveries ... or as dog poop bags!

If you have sharp scissors you can glide the nearly-closed blades along the plastic near the seam without operating the scissors.

See video.

Prepare a batch of mitts all at once ready for use. Be sure to disinfect inner and/or outer surfaces of the plastic (for example spray with alcohol) if required by your task and check for holes. Double up the mitt if appropriate.

Have fun, and let me know how you get on with this instructable - and how to improve it. Thanks!


Air bag packaging / padding (not small-bubble wrap)

sharp long scissors