Plastic Greenhouse Example

Introduction: Plastic Greenhouse Example

Ahoy folks, this is an example or a recommendation for "plastic Greenhouse kits".
I´m from Germany and i only have a balkony. but i always wanted to grow some vegetables.
My mom had one off this plastic greenhouses left and i thought i give it a try.
Last season i tryed to grow zucchinis and eggplant and i was realy pleased with the result.
this year i only grow one zucchini and i started in early march.

In germany, the kind off plastic greenhouse i´m using is about 10 EURO, and it´s worth it!
So if you ever think this cheap plastic stuff won´t work, this is an example that it´s working.

i know that it´s easy to build one, but i´m a lazy student and i don´t think you can make it for less then 10 EURO.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    would it be worth doing this for zucchini? they grow quite well without a greenhouse, but maybe u have to start them slightly later. did you see any extension of growing season?
    I see use for tomatoes though: start earlier and if you keep off the rain it may help prevent tomato blight


    9 years ago on Introduction

    if you get a small solar panel and a computer fan and connect it to the green house the fan will exhaust the heat the more the sun shines