Introduction: Plastic Heart-Keychain (HDPE)

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Ello guys
Today I've built Heart keychain, that was made from recycled HDPE block, which you can find almost everywhere. It's soon Christmas time and i can't imagine a better gift for your loved ones.
You can make it in different colors or just paint it, if like it.
Now best instructable that i can find about making Recycled HDPE blocks is manuelmasc instructable, which you can find here :

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools :

  • Ruler
  • Pen or a marker

  • Scissors & Cutting knife
  • Sandpaper & Sheet of paper
  • Battery drill

  • Electric Jig saw
  • Angle grinder

  • Sanding flap disc for angle grinder
  • Cutting disc for angle grinder
  • Drill bit 4mm

Materials :

  • HDPE block
  • Keychain ring

Step 2: Cutting Rough

First thing that needs to be done is to measure and cut a little square from HDPE block 3cm x3cm. You can do it with a Jig saw or an Angle grinder. When that all done, use a sheet of paper draw and cut a cute heart, that is going to fit in. Carefully cut it out, especially watchout for curves when doing so. Remove excess plastic from a piece with cutting knife. Eventually it should just look like in the pictures.

Step 3: Fine Processing

Rough part is done and now its time for smoothing. That,you can do with combination of a Sanding flap disc and a Cutting disc with angle grinder. The whole thing is about small piece so BE VERY VERY CAUTIOUSwhen dealing with angle grinder. If you're afraid of doing so, ask someone to help or put the piece firmly in metal vice & smooth it.
If thats all done cut it in half or in desired thickness. Use sandpaper to sand out parts from grinding process, furbish the curves and even the flat surfaces. Well its almost done, yeyyy.

Step 4: Finishhh

Last thing to do is do drill a hole with 4 mm drill bit in an area that you like. Cut again excess plastic with cutting knife and put a keychain ring.

You have yourself a beautiful Heart keychain made from HDPE. Now you can create a little paper box if you want to give it to someone for Christmas who's lovely & gorgeous like my girlfriend. ^__^

I really hope you like it & i would love to hear your thoughts about what else can be made from HDPE.

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