Introduction: Valentines Heart Badge

About: Hi, I'm Jovan but everybody calles my John. By profession I'm a graduate technician of mechatronics and by passion deeply in love with everything that's DIY; from woodworking to electronics and cooking.

Valentines day is near and the vibe for getting the perfect present for your loved ones is in the air.
The easiest way to get a present is to go to the first gift shop, around the corner and buy your love a teddy bear or sweet chocolates. But one thing that will impress her or him more than anything, is to make it yourself. That way, it will gain an incredible sentimental value and love, which money can't buy.
And what is more lovely that little Valentines Heart Badges. So simple to make yet so charming that's out of this world. Not to mention, they are neat and lovely accessories for your every day clothing.
By the way, the little robot Cupidmakes it even more special and beautiful in its Valentines day spirit, as a present box.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Gluegun
  • Screwdriver
  • Heart-shaped silicon molds
  • Lighter
  • Scalpel


  • Little phillips screws
  • Badge pins or needles
  • Glue sticks with various colours

Step 2: Molding

Turn up your glue gun on, and wait till its hot enough to melt glue. Put in your desired colored glue gun sticks and start molding.. At the end of your stick, you can add different colours, thus mixing and making even more amazing heart badges. Easy as it could be.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

After a couple of minutes, those little hearts are cooled down and are ready to be snapped out of the mold. Use the scalpel to take off the excess material and heat it a little bit with the lighter, thus giving it a smoother finish.
When all done, screw done the badge pins with little phillips screws and a screwdriver. I choose the smallest metal screws possible, so they don't go all the way through.

Step 4: Finish

At the end, all thats left to do is to put it inside little Cupid and give to your loved ones. One thing I know for sure is that the kisses are guaranteed. ;)
Hope you enjoyed making it and would love to see your little Heart badges. Also feel free to ask any questions if your troubled in some steps.

Happy Valentines! :D