Introduction: Plastic Material Holder

A functional, reusable holder (with 3 different attachments) made out of plastic.

Step 1: Intro to Design

Design thinking for me is to create new strategic/practical process, to think always outside the box when you are trying to figure out something, and always have an open mind without fear or negatively, but instead full of joy and amazing ideas that could even help you to create/making something in your future life.

Design thinking is important when designing because it helps you with what you are trying to accomplish, and even sometimes it makes it easier, to think of another solution, and be a very good strategic thinker full of ideas (your ideas can help you in a positive way).

My design is a plastic material holder (made out of plastic) which has 3 compartments and one extra, but not taped together with the others. In the green one (the one on the left) is a phone/thermos holder, which can hold whichever you want and not break. The middle compartment is to store/put the big materials inside, like markers, pencils, pens, etc. On the last one (all the way to the right) it is used to store/put your smaller materials, like colors, erasers, sharpeners, glue sticks, etc. Finally, the little holder/compartment is not taped together with the others, that is because it is like a little trash, (for the sharpener, to sharpen pencils, colors, color pencils, etc.) when you are done, you just take it to the nearest trash a throw it away or you can store it until it is full of trash.

The materials/supplies I used to make my design (plastic material holder) were: different types/sizes of plastic bottles, scissors, tape, and finally wooden sticks. You could use colors/markers to color your design but it is your choice.

Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy is putting yourself in other people's shoes, and understand how they are feeling, and most importantly, try to help them. My design is related to empathy because I thought about my cousin and I went into his shoes and thought about what he needed to be more successful, and helped him by building my plastic material holder.

My user is my cousin (he is only one year older than me) and he always enjoys and likes to play with me.

My cousin (Santi) needed an object that could hold many different things at the same time (various containers) witch inside he needed to put materials, phones, big materials, and a little trash. This helped him because I made that design out of plastic (reusing bottles).

The drivers were that it needed to be functional, easy, portable have attachments/holders (for phone or thermoses), and a garbage container (for sharpening tools). The constraints (challenges that I needed to solve) balance, weight, durable, plain cuts (no sharp plastic edges), and finally time

Step 3: Ideation

Ideation is the process of developing, communicating, and generating new/creative ideas. It can either be visual or you can instead make a design/project showing it in real life. when you are using/experiencing Ideation you can also start to use different stages (which are development, innovation, and actualization).

I decided to do my design with all three of the different attachments, for my design to be more reliable and useful.

Step 4: Prototype

There were many steps that I needed to take to finally complete my usable and functioning design.

First I went to a recycling bin to look for all kinds of different plastic bottles (colors, sizes)

Second, I started to cut them mostly halfway and started to use tape and paste them together for them to not be separable. I did that by all adding wooden sticks into trying to connect them even better and stronger.

Third, I made different measurements for the bottles to have a different design and for them to fit perfectly into what I was going to put inside them.

Fourth I taped all of them together and tested how they worked properly and saw that it was successful.

Finally, I decided to cut the top of a plastic bottle and use it as a little trash container, which my user would use it for sharpened colored pencils. (I decided to not tape that because he wouldn't be able to throw out the trash).

And that is how I created my beautiful/reused plastic material holder.