Introduction: Portable Basketball Hoop (cheap)

Portable Basketball Hoop (cheap)

Created by Gabo Hernandez


For this Instructables project (cheap Basketball Hoop), the materials/supplies I used were Carton, Paper, Suitcase, Colors pencils, Hook, Paper Balls, markers

Step 1: Intro to Design

Throughout many years of my life, I didn't know and understood why design thinking is important in our life, it is important because it helps you see different ways of things, and can help you to look at a different perspective, it can also help your brain explore and express itself by building and socializing with others, Design thinking made me be able to build this project. Design thinking is like thinking outside the box, you need to think/find other ways to solve the same problem, it is for you to learn, and observe how does everything you do in your life has a purpose. My design is a portable basketball hoop, which is made out of cheap and easy items/materials to find, you can play it any time at any moment. (The List of supplies/materials for my project is on the Supplies space).

Step 2: ​Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy for me means putting yourself into other people's shoes, which relates to my project because I thought of another person, put myself into his shoes, and created/build something that my user would be amazed and grateful to have. The user that I choose to design to is one of my cousins because I know that he loves to play basketball and sometimes basket can become very expensive and you don't have space to play, that's why I created this Portable Basketball Hoop. My drivers and constraints that came from the interview were that it needed to be cheap because normally basketball hoops can be very expensive, portable because he wants to play even when he goes on trips/vacations, or even if he just goes out of his house. Finally that the basketball hoop needed to be less big than the normal ones, to be able to fit in all kinds of different places, for him to play any time.

Step 3: Ideation

Ideation is the creative way of developing/generating a way to find new ideas and to build them. Ideation is very helpful because it helps you develop a lot of new and incredible things that you probably didn't know that will help you make/start a business, but not any kind, a successful one. Finally, it can also help you in your future life if you use different techniques.

Step 4: ​Prototype

To make this design you only need cheap items, like carton, tape, and paper, you will start to make and color the hoop by adding whichever color you would like, then start to tape together pieces of paper to create a circle and tape it to the carton, after that, you will need to cut open some rolls of carton and tape them together to the hoop carton, finally, roll out some paper balls and start to play wherever you want at whatever time you want, and remember fun can always be cheap.