Introduction: Plastic Sheet Out of PVC Pipes

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In this instructable, I'll show you how to make plastic plates, from PVC pipes!

You 'll need:

-a PVC Pipe

-an Angle Grinder

-a pair of protecting Gloves, Glasses and a mask

-a Heatgun

-a piece of wood , plywood or any flat surface

Step 1: Chose Your PVC Pipe

First, you need to choose your pvc pipe! The length of the pipe will be the length of the plate. For the width, you need to use the formula P = 2πR

For exemple, this pipe has a 32 mm diameter.

So the width will be 2*3.14*16=10 cm

Step 2: Cut the Pipe in Lengthwise

To cut it, I used an angle grinder, but use what you want or is used to.

You have to cut it as strait as possible!

Step 3: Heat the Pipe

So, first, you need to take your gloves glasses and mask!

You'll need to heat the pipe from one side to the other, streching the pipe with your gloved hand, like in the picture 3.

To make the PVC pliable, you'll need to heat for about a minute or two, it depands on the thickness.

Next, you will need to start over , but by flattening it with the plywood (picture 4 and 5).

Repeat the process until you are happy with your flattened pipe!

Step 4: The Uses

So I made this so I can use this cheap plastic to repair and create things.

I made a new handle for a bin, and I created a hook for my shelf.

If you need to bend the plastic, just a little bit, you dont have to take your heatgun, a lighter can do the trick. Just heat the area you need to bend, for about a minute, and bend it the way you want. It depands on the thickness of the pipe!

I hope this instuctable have been helpfull. If you have any question, dont hesitate.

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