Introduction: Plastic Strapping Thats Heat Locked Easy Way to Removing It

Here is my First Instructable it involves those pesky packing straps sealed with a strapping machine you probably use a knife or other item to open them but there is a no nonsence way of doing it and here it is it is your fingers.

Step 1
first place the item on a stable platform table, bench or floor as i have done, whatever takes your fancy, then locate the joining point.

Step 1: Locating Strap Crossover

locate the strap crossover where the machine has joined the strap together and rotate it to reveal the underside of the strap

Step 2: Get Ready to Pull

Roll the Strapping Over to reveal the underside and raise the excess tab of strapping getting ready to pull with one strong pull and see what happens. Please note the first video is actually the one that worked and was filmed second.  So it goes to say that the First attemp did not go all to plan.

Step 3: When All Goes RIGHT

this is the second one this is how the first one should have gone but the first one was funny they dont always go as good as this one

Step 4: Now Watch What Happens When It Does Not Go Right

only a small mistake but all is not lost it does still break easy the watch the second one after in the next clip