Plastidip Pennyboard Scrape Guard

Introduction: Plastidip Pennyboard Scrape Guard

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Feeling hurt to see your board being scraped? Don't have that extra resources to get metal scrape guards? I have an idea for spraying plastidip on my pennyboard tail to keep the tail from being damaged further.

Plastidip (any color you like)
Cloth tape

Step 1: Remove and Clean Any Debris From Your Pennyboard Tail

I previously taped the tail but over time it seemed kinda lifted up and looked ugly. Remove any... things you put on your tail and give it a good wipe.

Step 2: Base Tape

Tape down a couple inches of cloth tape to the tail to act as a base before coating it with plastidip. Use a clear tape to tape any recycled paper so that the plastidip doesn't coat your wheels.

Step 3: Coating and Finishing

Coat the tail with plstidip 3-4 times and let it dry about 10 minutes in between coats. Use blade or scissors to scrape the tape edges and pull the recycled paper away. I taped another section of cloth tape to the tail at about the same size to ensure that the scraping doesn't tear the rubber coating. Good luck.

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