Introduction: Platypus Ice Cream Sandwich

Love Platypuses, Cookies & Ice Cream?

We have the treat for you!


• Dutch process cocoa powder, unsweetened (your favorite popular brand will work fine.)

• Brown sugar – just be sure it’s fresh and hasn’t lost moisture from sitting in pantry too long • White sugar • Whole milk – lowfat milk will work, but whole milk will give you the creamiest results • Heavy cream • Vanilla extract • Ice Cream Maker • Milano Cookies • Mini marshmallows • Almonds • Knife • Cutting Board • 2 Bowls, One With Lid • Measuring Cup • Hand Mixer • Plate • Chocolate Melts • Fork • Skewer • Toothpick • Table Spoon

Step 1: 1. Make the Ice-Cream Following These Instructions: Https://

Step 2: While the Ice-Cream Is Being Made....

While the Ice-Cream is being made add the marsh-mellows and almonds to the batter.

Step 3: After the Ice-cream Is Made Put It in a Bowl and Into the Freezer

Step 4: Cut the Top Off of Two Milano Cookies

Step 5: Make the Bill, Feet, Tail and Hands

Using the Chocolate Melts create the bill, feet, tail and hands.

Step 6: Cut One Marsh-mellow in Half

Step 7: Melt Your Left Over Chocolate Pieces

Step 8: Using the Melted Chocolate Put to Dots on the Milano Cookie.

Step 9: Put the Two Halves of the Marsh-mellow on the Dots to Make Eyes and Then Put Two More Dots on the Marsh-mellows.

Step 10: Put Ice Cream Between the Two Halves of the Milano Cookies. the Cookie That Has Eyes Should Be on Top.

Step 11: Put the Feet, Tail and Hands in the Ice Cream, Then Put the Cookie With the Eyes on Top.

Step 12: Complete and Eat!

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