Introduction: Play Music With Drivemall

If we do not have the drivermall we can use the arduino, but below the link for the development of the Drivemall.

The advantage of prefering the Drivemall over the classic Arduino board is that of reducing the complexity of the connections leading to a more tidy setup (in some cases). However, this is optional: all the results are still valid with the arduino board, a breadboard and enough dupont jumpers for connections.




Piezoelectric buzzer

1 transistor 2n2222

1 1K Ohm resistor

1 10K Ohm resistor


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Step 1: Connections

Connect the components according to the schematics.

Step 2: Firmware and Testing

Load the firmware via the Arduino IDE. You can modify the melody by suitably modifying the vectors "melody" and "noteDurations", for the notes and the relative durations.